London West End activities and attractions

In the West End there is something for everyone to do and visit.

The main attraction in the West End is perhaps the “Theatreland “, which is the reason why the West End has almost become synonymous with theater. Theatreland is an area smack in the middle of West End where London’s largest and grandest commercial theaters can be found. Whatever year you visit West End you can be sure there will be at least one show running in one of the 40 theaters located in the area.

Aside from the wonderful stage productions though West End has plenty more to offer including wonderful parks and gardens (Covent Garden, Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, St James Park), a myriad of famous streets where one can simply stroll and enjoy the sights or stop in a shop or two for a bite or a little shopping (Notting Hill, Oxford Street, Regent Street, Bond Street, etc.), and not to mention the various squares and circuses and notable buildings these streets lead to and connect. Some of the more popular square/circuses include Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square, and the Piccaddily Circus. And last, for a bit of nightlife and a taste of fashion, visitors shouldn’t forget to stop by the area of Soho.

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